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Riding high off the back of the successful Legal Innovators UK shows, in both 2019 and 2021, Artificial Lawyer and Cosmonauts were ecstatic to be able to finally host Legal Innovators California, in San Francisco in June 2022!


The Legal Innovators Series is for everybody interested in legal technology, innovation, and the business of law; founded by Artificial Lawyer, the industry's premier legal tech publication, and organised by Cosmonauts, a leading B2B and bespoke conference organisation. Designed for all industry experts, enthusiasts, and key decision makers in the field of legal innovation and legal technology, Legal Innovators is the place to be.

With law firm partners, general counsel, legal ops/ legal technology professionals, others specialising in the legal services delivery field, a legal tech provider and investors in attendance, Legal Innovators California was a fantastic


opportunity to meet and network with like-minded legal professionals to learn, share and stay updated about the vastly growing and constantly advancing world of legal innovation.


Across the day, attendees met an array of expert panellists, speakers and exhibitors, from different areas of the world of legal innovation who brought different perspectives to the table.


We hope you enjoyed Legal Innovators California and are grateful for your participation in the advancements in the industry and hope to see you soon! 


Now, you have the chance to pre-register your interest to attend the next Legal Innovators California, but if you fancy a trip across the pond, buy your tickets to Legal Innovators UK 3.0 today!


Pre-register your interest for the next year's event today

Legal Innovators California 2022

Some of the wide array of topics touched upon during Legal Innovators California 2022:

1. Reshaping Legal Services

How technology and innovation are making a real difference to legal services delivery, as well as where we are heading and the challenges we face as an industry.

2. Deconstructing value

How in-house legal teams and legal ops professionals are applying rigour to the delivery of legal services. Spanning from better analysis of the cost of producing legal products to better use of data for business insights, to disaggregating legal work so that the right people and tech do the right things.

3. The Growing Demand

for Legal Tech Solutions 

An exploration of the legal market’s increasing focus on tech solutions, including analysing incubators, accelerators etc.


Legal Innovators California 2022

Expect to meet and hear from an array of great speakers from major law firms, regional and boutique firms, the Elevate, Deloitte Tax LLP, Time by Ping and experts from some of the world’s leading legal tech companies. 

Jerry Ting for Legal Innovators California

Jerry Ting

Co-Founder and CEO of Evisort, Lecturer at Harvard Law School

Leila Banjamali for Legal Innovators California

Leila Banijamali



Otto Hansen for Legal Innovators California

Otto Hansen



Mary O'Carroll for Legal Innovators California

Mary O’Carroll
Chief Community Officer

Ironclad, Inc.

Jerry Levine for Legal Innovators California

Jerry Levine
Chief Evangelist and Co-General Counsel


Mona Parsa for Legal Innovators California

Mona Parsa

Managing Director

Signal Partners

Click to discover the full list of our 2022 speakers.


Legal Innovators California 2022



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