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Key themes for Private Practice leaders, addressing opportunities and challenges presented by Generative AI and Legal Language Models (LLMs):


Harnessing the Power of Generative AI in Legal Practice

  • Explore the potential benefits and limitations of Generative AI (GenAI) in the legal sector, especially where GenAI excels and where it may not be suitable.

  • Discuss how GenAI applications are changing over time and how they may reshape legal practice. Examine whether the legal industry is already at a point of significant adoption.

  • Dive into practical considerations, including the use of training data, addressing the "hallucination" issue, and strategies for integrating both custom and off-the-shelf LLM solutions.


Contracting in the Age of GenAI: From Standardization to Innovation

  • Trace the journey from standardization and contract automation to the incorporation of GenAI in contract creation and negotiation.

  • Explore the interplay between standardization and artificial intelligence in the context of contract management. How does document automation coexist with LLM technology?

  • Delve into the impact of contracting innovations on the lawyer-client relationship and consider the potential for GenAI-led contract negotiation.


Revolutionizing Litigation with LLMs: Current Advances and Future Possibilities

  • Assess the current state of litigation, where LLM technology is enhancing legal research, litigation analytics, and eDiscovery.

  • Examine the challenges and untapped potential of LLMs in the field of disputes. Explore the possibilities of GenAI for Alternative Dispute Resolution, its impact on access to justice, and potential acceleration of litigation and arbitration processes.

  • Discuss the potential future applications of LLMs in dispute resolution, considering advancements and emerging trends in the legal technology landscape.

Key themes for In-House General Counsel and Legal Ops that address the evolving legal tech and services landscape:


Elevating Contract and Legal Lifecycle Management with LLM Technology:

  • Explore the transformative potential of Generative AI in contract lifecycle management (CLM) and contract management for in-house legal teams.

  • Discuss the challenges and benefits of integrating LLM tech into CLM systems, such as improved efficiency and expanded capabilities. Address key implementation strategies and the role of contract automation.

  • Examine the role of standardization and no-code solutions in streamlining the contracting process in-house and how in-house teams can effectively connect institutional knowledge to CLM and contract management systems.


The Synergy of ALSPs and AI for In-House Efficiency:

  • Analyze the growing pressure on in-house legal teams to be more efficient and cost-effective and how combining Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs) with AI might be the solution.

  • Explore how the combination of AI and ALSPs can act as a "force multiplier" for legal efficiency and whether these capabilities are best provided by law firms or standalone ALSPs.

  • Examine how AI and ALSPs can help in-house teams gain more control over costs and potentially increase the demand for flexible resourcing groups.


Legal Ops in the Era of In-House Innovation:

  • Discuss the rapid evolution of legal operations in the context of a changing ecosystem influenced by LLM tech, cost pressures, and growing in-house legal teams.

  • Explore the objectives of legal operations in this new era, focusing on cost savings that are impactful to CFOs and the role of generative AI in achieving these goals.

  • Whether the proliferation of efficiency tools, including LLM technology, has led to a potential shift away from traditional billable hours and how legal ops professionals should adapt to this changing landscape.

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