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Revolutionizing Corporate Services: An Interview with Tyler Benoliel, CEO of Incorporight Inc.

Introducing Tyler Benoliel, CEO of Incorporight Inc., where starting a company is as easy as a click, and keeping it safe is as secure as a virtual fortress.

With a flair for legal innovation and a passion for empowering entrepreneurs, Tyler is a part of the innovators who are revolutionizing corporate services. Follow along as he shares insights, anecdotes, and strategies for success in the ever-evolving world of legal tech and startup ventures!

What inspired the creation of Incorporight? Could you share the story behind its inception and what drove you to enter the legal tech industry, pioneering innovation in this space?

As a lawyer that practiced business law for years, I noticed many inefficiencies and deficiencies in the traditional process that I knew could be addressed and resolved through technology. I had a vision of how consumers of these services could be served best and created the Incorporight platform based on that vision.

Peering into the future, in what ways do you envision technology reshaping the legal landscape?

In the future, most if not all legal services will be provided through technology. Most  consumer services will be offered through platforms like Incorporight allowing for broader access to legal services. Paper will be eliminated, and everything will be done digitally  and stored on the cloud. Further down the road, services like real estate, wills and estates  and all corporate work will integrate Web3 technologies. At Incorporight, we believe we  are well ahead of this curve as one of the first Web3 service providers in the legal-tech space.

What challenges do you believe innovative leaders face when implementing new  solutions and processes in their teams, especially within the legal tech domain?  Furthermore, what strategies or solutions do you envision might effectively address  these challenges and drive successful adoption and integration?

The biggest hurdle to implementing new, especially advanced technologies, is the cost  and complexity of software development. Streamlined processes for accessing  developers and specific software outputs may help address these challenges and make  it easier and more palatable for professionals to adopt and implement new technologies.

What aspects of the event are you most excited about this year?

I am looking forward to meeting all the legal professionals, showcasing our product, and seeing other cutting edge legal innovations.


With Incorporight and our fellow Start-Up Gallery companies at the forefront of innovative legal tech, Legal Innovators California will be central hub for the transformation for the industry.

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